Breadcrumb in ColorMag

Location: Appearance > Customize > Content > Blog / Archive

(Available in ColorMag Pro)

ColorMag Pro supports 2 plugins for creating breadcrumbs: 

  1. Yoast SEO
  2. NavXT

You can use any of them according to your convenience. 

Steps to add breadcrumbs in ColorMag Pro:

  1. Manage Plugin’s Setting:
    1. For Yoast SEO:
    2. For NavXT:
  2. Activate Breadcrumbs from ColorMag Pro’s Setting:

To add breadcrumbs in ColorMag Pro, you would need to install and activate either Yoast SEO or Breadcrumb NavXT plugin as per your preference.

Manage Plugin’s Setting

1. For Yoast SEO:

  • Go to your `Dashboard > Yoast Seo > Search Appearance` section,
  • Under the search appearance section look for the Breadcrumb tab
  • Enable the option and save the changes.

2. For NavXT:
You can simply install and activate the Breadcrumb NavXT plugin.

Activate Breadcrumbs from ColorMag Pro’s Setting:

  • Go to your `Dashboard > Customizer  > Content > Blog/ Archive`
  • Enable the `Check to display the breadcrumb. Note: Supports Breadcrumb NavXT plugin and Yoast SEO BreadCrumb settings.` under Breadcrumbs.

Breadcrumb Label:

You can choose your own introductory text for the added breadcrumb by entering it on the breadcrumb label field.

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