Change Skin Color of the site

Please Navigate To: Appearance → Customize → Global → Colors → Skin Color

ColorMag theme allows you to change the skin color of the site, i.e., White Skin or Dark Skin. You can assign different skin modes to the site as per your choice. Such a feature has been available in the ColorMag theme since the 2.2.4 version. So, in this documentation, we will explain how dark skin mode works in the ColorMag theme. 

How does Dark Skin Mode work in the ColorMag theme?  #

If you want to use the Dark Skin feature, follow the below-given steps.   

  • Once you install and activate the ColorMag theme on your site, go to the WordPress Dashboard > Appearance Customizer Global Colors Skin Color and choose the Dark Skin option under Skin Color.  
  • After selecting a Dark Skin and clicking the publish button, you will automatically see the dark mode skin on the website (frontend).  

Also, if you want to check out the Dark Skin demo of the ColorMag theme before using it, please go through this link:

Most people prefer to read websites in dark mode. For a better user experience, all the well-known companies have adopted dark mode, including Google, Facebook, and Instagram. Your website looks more professional and is better for your eyes in dark mode.  

Note: Font color also changes, i.e., black font color changes to white font color as the default. 

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