Customize Primary Menu

Location: Appearance > Customize > Header > Primary Menu

Primary Menu in ColorMag has various elements like Home Icon, Search Icon etcs. You can enable or disable those as well as customize design and typography of Primary Menu.

Home Icon #

Enabling it shows Home Icon linking to the Front Page as a first item of the primary menu.

Search Icon #

Enabling it shows Search Icon at the end of the primary menu.

Random Post Icon #

Enabling it shows Random Post Icon at the end of the primary menu. Clicking this icon will show random single post.

Category Color #

Enabling it show different border color above the Primary Menu according to the category menu item.

Primary Menu Colors #

Under Colors, you can change the following:

  • Primary Menu: Change the menu item color for normal and hover / active state.
  • Background: Change the background color and image for primary menu and it’s sub menu.

Primary Menu Typography #

Under Typography, you can change the typography of following elements:

  • Primary Menu: Change the Font Family, Font Weight and Font Size of Primary Menu items. Font Family and Font Weight options affects also the Sub Menu.
  • Sub Menu: Change the Font Size of the Sub Menu of the Primary Menu.
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