How to Customize the Colors of Site

Location: Appearance > Customize > Global > Colors

ColorMag comes with various customizable color options. You can globally change colors, background and border color of various elements of your site like text, heading, button etc.

There are following types of Color Options:

Primary Colors #

On the Primary Colors section, there are two color options:

  • Primary Color: Primary color of your site. It changes the default blue color throughout the site.
  • Base Color: Changes the text color of your site. It applies to text of paragraph, input, buttons etc inside the content area. (Available in ColorMag Pro)

Heading Colors #

On the Heading Colors section, there are following color options (Available in ColorMag Pro):

  • Headings: Changes the color of HTML headings from H1 to H6.
  • H1: Changes the color of HTML heading tag H1.
  • H2: Changes the color of HTML heading tag H2.
  • H3: Changes the color of HTML heading tag H3.

Skin Color #

On the Skin Colors section, there is an option to change skin color of your site.

  • Skin Color: You can switch between the White Skin and Dark Skin.

Category Color #

On the Category Colors section, there will be list of categories and color picker for respective category. Those colors will be applied to category widget title and category meta tags in posts.

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