Customize the Layout of Site

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Location: Appearance > Customize > Global > Layout

Globally change site layout and sidebar layout.

There are following types of Layout Options:

Site Layout #

On the Site Layout section, you can choose one of the two layouts for your site.

  • Boxed Layout : Wraps container area of the site in a box.
  • Wide Layout: Expands the container area of the site to full width.

NOTE: You can change the background of the inside and outside area of the container as instructed here: Change the Background of Site.

Sidebar Layout #

On the Sidebar Layout section, there are following options:

  • Default Layout: Applies to Archive, Blog, Search Result Page, 404 Page etc.
  • Default layout for pages only: Applies to normal Pages.
  • Default layout for single posts only: Applies to Single Post.

There are currently four types of Sidebar Layout:

  1. Right Sidebar: Shows the Right Sidebar Widgets that are added via Appearance > Widget
  2. Left Sidebar: Shows the Left Sidebar Widgets that are added via Appearance > Widget
  3. Full Width: No sidebar layout expanding full container width area.
  4. Content Centered: Contents shrunk to lesser (around 70%) width than actual container width.
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