Customize the News Ticker in Header

Location: Appearance > Customize > Header > Top Bar

ColorMag supports to show the current date in the Header Top Bar.

Enable Breaking News #

Under Breaking News, Check the Enable checkbox to show the Breaking News section in the Header area.

Enabling Breaking News in ColorMag

Position of Breaking News #

This allows you to choose where you want the breaking news to appear on the header area. (Available in ColorMag Pro)

  • Header: Show the Breaking News section in Header Top Bar.
Breaking News in Header
  • Below Navigation: Show full-width Breaking News section below the Primary Menu.
Breaking News below Navigation

Filter #

The filter option allows you to choose which type of news to appear in the Breaking News section. (Available in ColorMag Pro)

  • Latest Posts: Show the newest posts from your site.
  • Category: Allows to show the posts from a specific category only.

Title #

Change the default Latest: title in the Breaking News section. (Available in ColorMag Pro)

Changing Breaking News Title in ColorMag

Animation #

Customize how the breaking news ticker appears. (Available in ColorMag Pro)

  • Animation Style: Choose between moving to upward or downward while switching the news.
  • Animation Duration: How long a news appears.
  • Transition Speed: How fast it switches from one news to another news.
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