All About ColorMag Major Update (ColorMag v3.0 & Pro v4.0)

With the latest Major release of the ColorMag v3.0. and Pro v4.0. there are various changes you’ll be getting once the theme is updated. Since it’s a major update/release, you might find some changes in the different areas of your site. The changes are listed below:

Customizer Option Rearrange #

The customizer option has been rearranged with the latest updates. We’ve tried to arrange it in a way that you can guess easily where it should be.

For example – For changing the category color, please check the location on both the theme version below:

  • Before ColorMag v4.0.0 – Appearance → Customize → Global → Colors → Category Colors.
  • ColorMag v4.00+ – Appearance → Customize → Global → Category Colors.

Similarly, a few other customization options have been rearranged on both the free and pro versions of the theme. In case you can’t find any of the options you’re looking for, you can do one of the following:

Design Enhancement #

With the Major update of the ColorMag theme, you’ll find changes in the design area on various sections. These include Search Result Page Design, 404 Page Design, Home Page Design, Mobile Menu Design, etc.

Below are the screenshots of the Search Result Page comparing the design of various sections with the Before ColorMag v3.0 and Pro v4.0. and ColorMag v3.0. and Pro v4.0.

Before ColorMag v3.0 and Pro v4.0

ColorMag v3.0+ and Pro v4.0+

Customizer and Control Design #

With the Major ColorMag update, you’ll find the changes in the customizer options area. It includes a Slider control, Toggle Button, Unit Selector, Layout option replaced with Images, and more.

For example: Previously, while changing the Layout Styles on the Blog Page, the option was available in the list. However, with the latest version, the styles are available with images so that you can see the exact design offered by that specific layout.

Before ColorMag v3.0 and Pro v4.0

ColorMag v3.0+ and Pro v4.0+

Code Refactor #

Previously, the Folder Structure, HTML Markups, CSS Classes, etc., of the ColorMag theme were not updated with the latest coding standard. With the latest version, the code has been refactored and is updated with the latest coding standard.

Below is the list of changes made with the latest version of ColorMag:

  • Manage SASS Folder structure
  • Consistency of HTML markup, CSS classes.
  • Consistency of file/folder structure, PHP classes, functions, and repeated code.
  • Mobile-first CSS
  • Replace float with Flex/Grid CSS properties
  • Use of CSS variables
  • Use of SVG icons for default icons instead of FontAwesome and PNG icons.

What Steps Should I Take Before Updating the ColorMag Pro? #

Although the word is big, ‘Major Update‘, the process of updating the theme is similar as compared to the other minor release. However, if you have any doubts, you can follow the steps below before updating the theme:

Before updating the theme, follow the steps below: 

  • Back up your ColorMag website so it can be restored later for any losses. 
  • Take screenshots or document the current theme’s settings and configurations. 

What Issues I Might Face After Updating the ColorMag Theme? #

As mentioned above, the Major Update is similar to the other minor updates. However, there is a slight difference where this Major Update has changed the coding and folder structure, HTML Markups, Class, and ID’s name, etc. So if you have made the changes on your site using the code, the code does not work for now.

In order to make the code work, you’ll now need to update the code class, markup, IDs, etc., by replacing it with the one from the new version of the theme.

So this will be one of the major issues you might face while using the latest version of the theme. Besides that, other sections and areas will work similarly.

In case you feel any difficulty while using the theme, please contact us via live chat support: and drop your query. Our support member will get back to you.
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