Recommended Image Sizes

Recommended Image Sizes

ColorMag theme recommends a specific image sizes to be used for each of widgets it provides and blog or achieve pages. Following this practice would make your site look good.

We recommend to upload images with the following size that are uploaded for featured image in posts so that it looks good in particular widget or post listing:-

  1. TG: Highlighted Posts: 392 x 272px.
  2. TG: Featured Category Slider: 800 x 445px.
  3. TG: Featured Category Slider: 1400 x 600px while it is full width.
  4. TG: Featured Post (Style 1): 390 x 205px for the first image.
  5. TG: Featured Post (Style 1): 130 x 90px for the second image and rest.
  6. TG: Featured Post (Style 2): 390 x 205px for the first image.
  7. TG: Featured Post (Style 2): 130 x 90px for the second image and rest.
  8. TG: Featured Post (Style 3): 130 x 90px.
  9. TG: Featured Post (Style 4): 390 x 205px.
  10. TG: Featured Post (Style 5): 390 x 205px.
  11. TG: Featured Posts (Style 6): 150 x 150px.
  12. TG: Featured Posts (Style 7): 150 x 150px.
  13. Archive, Blog Pages: 800 x 445px.

Even though, we recommend these image sizes, it might not be practical to upload the image with the same size in all the cases. In that case, you can upload a larger size in both width and height than the above recommended image size. ColorMag will crop them to the required size and show them to the widget and post listing as necessary.

Recommended Image Sizes
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