Starter content in ColorMag theme 

Starter content in ColorMag theme 

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What is Starter Content? You might have this question, so in this article, we will explain the Stater Content feature and how it works in the ColorMag free theme. 

WordPress v4.7 introduced the concept of Starter Content, enabling users to create a demo for a theme from the beginning. Such a feature has been available in the free version of the ColorMag theme since the 1.2.1 version. The starter content can only be used on a fresh WordPress installation. This means that if you already have some pages, posts, or customizations on your site, your site will not be affected by the starter content. 

How does it work?  #

Starter content is applied and displayed by entering a Customizer with no changes appearing on the live site until the customizer changes are manually saved and published. 

ColorMag free theme has the same feature, and in order to use it, follow the below-given steps:  

  • You will need to activate the ColorMag theme on a fresh WordPress installation.   
  • After this, go to the Customizer option by going to WordPress Dashboard > Appearance > Customizer and directly publish without changing anything, as shown in the screenshot below. 

Note: On the right side of the customizer, you can see starter content already without anything being published.

After publishing it, you will see all the demo content on the front page without using the demo importer plugin but with the Stater content feature. 

Note: The starter content feature is available only in the ColorMag Free theme, not in the Pro theme.

However, you can watch our given GIF below, where you will get more information about Starter content.

Starter content in ColorMag theme 
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