TG: Weather

TG: Weather

This widget is suitable for displaying the weather forecast information of any city. It can be displayed in any other widget area, bundled within this theme.(Available in ColorMag Pro)
The options available in this widget are as follows:-

  • Title: Here, add the required title of the widget to be displayed in the front-end while using this theme.
  • OpenWeatherMap City ID: Here, add the required weather map city id through this link.
  • Forecast Days: Select the forecast day from day 1 to 4.

Note: Please, add the weather map API key before using this widget. You can follow the option Appearance->Customize->Additional Options->OpenWeatherMap API key and paste the API key generated through this link. (Refer to this for more information)

The screenshot for this widget is provided below:

Weather Widget
TG: Weather Widget in ColorMag
TG: Weather
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