Header Area Overview

Location: Appearance > Customize > Header

ColorMag theme has a versatile header containing plenty of elements in its different areas. The header section in the ColorMag demo is the area that contains the Primary Menu of the site and the area above it. The header part contains important elements such as your main menu, header image, site logo, etc., that define your site. Because it is generally the first thing that people see, it must be compelling enough to make a positive first impression. The header part appears on every page of your site too. The header can be customized via the customizer, and the elements available after importing the demo are illustrated in the image below:

Header in ColorMag

Widgets and Social Icons #

After importing the demo, the header part will have two widgets and a social icon menu. The area that contains the Breaking News widget and Social Icon menu is called the Top Bar area of ColorMag.

TG: Breaking News Widget:

Suitable to display the latest posts as breaking news.

Breaking News Widget

Social Icons:

You will be able to display icons along with the links for different social media associated with your site.

Social Icons Menu

TG: 728×90 Advertisement:

This widget allows you to display your advertisement.

Advertisement Widget

Primary Header #

This section contains your main header area, which is why it is also called the Primary Header. The elements like Site Logo, Site Title, Primary Menu, etc., come under this.

Site Identity #

Location: Appearance > Customize > Header > Site Identity.

Site Logo:

The section to display your site’s logo.

Site Logo

Site Title:

The section to display your site’s title.

Site Title

Site Tagline:

The section to change your site’s description or tagline.

Site Tagline

Primary Menu #

Primary Menu

Location: Appearance > Customize > Header > Primary Menu

This is the main navigation area of your site. You can select the default Primary Menu or create your own, which will help you browse through your site.

Primary Menu
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