Header Media

Location: Appearance > Customize > Header > Header Media

ColorMag supports the Header Media ( Video/ Image ) provided by the WordPress

Header Video #

Upload your own video or add YouTube, Vimeo etc video URL which appears on header.

Header Image #

Upload image for header area of your site. Recommended image size is 1400 x 400 px.

Position of Header Media #

This allows you to choose where do you want the header media appear on header area:

  • Above Site Identity: Display the Header image just above the site title/text.
  • Between Site Identity and Primary Menu: Display the Header image between site title/text and the main/primary menu.
  • Below Primary Menu: Display the Header image below main/primary menu.

Link to the Header Image #

You can choose where to link on clicking over the header image

  • Link to the Front Page: Check the checkbox to link the Header Image to the Front Page.
  • Custom Link: Enter custom link in the input field to the Header Image. (Available in ColorMag Pro)

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