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One of the first things you probably want to try out is setting up your website’s social icons(s). This is how you do that with full site editing eStory theme

  1. Open Site Editor
  2. You can either select the Social Icon block directly in the editor or select the block from the list view. The list view is a list of all the blocks on the page. To open the list view, click on the symbol with the three lines in the top toolbar.
  3. Once it is expanded, select the Social Icons block to select it.
  4. Under the Block, you will see a list of social icons added. You can either customize the existing one or add the new.

Customize the Existing Social Blocks #

In-order to edit the existing social blocks, simply click on the respective icon under the list view options which will display the social icon toolbar under the social icon in the right side.

Under the toolbar you will find the option to change the social icons link. You can repeat the same process for changing the link for other social icon.

Create a Social Icon #

For creating the social icon, simply click on the Plus sign near the primary menu on the right side which will open the open the Block Inserter tool. Select the Social Icons block.

You’ll then have a Social Icons Block within your content. It will show a graphic to indicate what type of block it is. You can now add the social networks you want to display.

For adding the social icons, select the Plus icon which will open a search field where you can enter the name of the social media network. It has 42 networks to choose from.

Next, click on the network’s icon to open the URL address field. Enter the respective URL into the field. Repeat the same process for adding all the necessary social icons to your site.

Social Icons Block Settings and Options #

The Social Icons block comes with three areas of settings and options. The settings and options are listed below with short description of each:

1.Social Icons Block Toolbar #

Clicking on any one of the social icon will display the toolbar which has different settings that applies just to the selected icons. It comes with following options:

1, Social Icons: It indicates which social icon you’ve selected. All options will apply to this social network.

2. Drag and Move : The Drag and move option lets you change the position of the social icon. You can either move the social icon to be on left or right side.

3. Icons Justification: The option lets you justify the icons to be on left, right, center.

4. Icons Toolbar Options: It comes with various option that only works for the selected icons. The option is listed below:

  • Hide more Settings
  • Copy
  • Duplicate
  • Move To
  • Remove Block

2. Social Icon Block Settings #

The social icon block setting applies to all the social icons. It appears at the right sidebar of the editor and comes with the following options:

Styles: #

It allows you select the logo styles like Deafult, Logos only and Pill shape.

Layout #

It changes the layout of the social icons block menu and is divided into two sections:

  • Justification: It allows justifying the social icons block either left, right, or center.
  • Orientation: It allows displaying the social icon block either in a horizontal or vertical layout.

Link Settings #

It allows you changing the settings of the social icons link and comes with following options:

  1. Open in New Tab – It lets you decide if the links will open in the same tab or a new tab.
  2. Show Labels – It allows you displaying the labels (name) of the icon.

Color #

You can change the colors of the social icons. It consists of the following options:

  1. Icon Color – It allows you change the social icon color.
  2. Icon Background – It allow you change the color for the circle used for the icon’s background.

Dimensions #

The option allows you set the custom dimension of the social icons. The more you increase the dimension level, the more space the icons will occupy on your site.

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