Customize Site Logo, Site Title, and Tagline

After importing the demo or evn after activating the eStory theme, on the header area, you will find the Site Logo, Site Title and Tagline. These all are added via the Blocks like Site Logo, Site Title, Tagline. Since the blocks appers on the appropriate place you dont need to add the blocks, you can simply replace the existing content with your content.

Follow the steps below to edit the sections.

  1. Open the Site Editor.
  2. From the top left corner of the site editor, choose the Templates Parts > Header.
  3. Click on the part you want to make the changes i.e Logo, Site Title and Tageline.
  4. Once clicked, a tool box to edit the respective area will be displayed.
  5. Make the necessary changes replacing the demo content.
  6. Click on Save and check the changes on the frontend.

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