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Customize Footer Area

Customize Footer Area

The Footer lies the at below of the website. In the footer area, we mostly find the information related to the site like About Us, Contact, Copyright information, etc.

However, you can add the content on the footer according to your choice. You can add the site logo, Menus, Social Icons blocks on the footer area.

For adding these information you can simply click on the (+)  sign that displays various Blocks. Select the appropriate block afor the footer according to the site requirement.

For eg- If you want to add the logo in the footer area you can select the Site Logo Block and add the appropriate logo. Likewise, for adding the copyright information you can select the Paragraph block and add the information inside it.

Once you have added those, it’s time to edit the added block. For doing so, simply click on the respective block which will display the block editor section on the right sidebar. You can change all the settings of the block such as Color, Image, Background Color, Typography options and so on.

After doing all the changes click on the Publish button on the top of the page and check the reflected changes on the front.

Customize Footer Area

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