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Customize the Primary Menu

Customize the Primary Menu

Coming here you might have successfully created the primary menu. Now you might want to customize it by changing the colors, font size, layouts, and a lot more.

In order to change it, click on the Settings icon on the right side of the editor and then click select the primary menu section. Once done you will see a list of options like Layout, Display, Color, etc. These tabs are to make changes to the menu. Let’s explore one by one below:

Layout #

It changes the layout of the primary menu and is divided into two sections:

  • Justification: It allows justifying the menu either left, right, or center.
  • Orientation: It allows displaying the menu either in a horizontal or vertical layout.

Display #

It allows you to change the menu icon on the mobile devices. You can either set the menu icon to be icon or simply display the word Menu.

Overlay Menu #

SubMenus #

It comes with following two options:

  1. Open on Click: It allows you to open the sub menu only after clicking on the main menu. Otherwise, you can simply hover over the main menu and the sub menu appears.
  2. Show Arrow: It allows you displaying the arrow near to the main menu indicating that the main menu consists of the sub-menu inside it.

Colors #

You can change the colors of the primary menu and the sub menu inside it. It consists of the following options:

  1. Text: It allows you changing the text of the primary menu.
  2. Background: It allows you changing the background color of the primary menu.
  3. SubMenu and OverLay Text: It allows you changing the text of the sub menu and overlay text.
  4. SubMenu and OverLay Background: It allows you changing the background color of the submenu and overlay background.

Typography #

The option allows you set the font-size of the primary menu. You can either select the appropriate font size from the options available or either add your own custom font-size according to site requirement.

Dimensions #

The option allows you set the custom dimension of the primary menu block. The more you increase the dimension level, the more space the block will occupy on your site.

Advanced #

The Advanced options comes with the following settings for the primary menu.

Menu Name #

It allows you assign the specific name for your primary menu. By default we have assign the primary menu to be Navigation Menu. You can assign the appropriate menu name according to the site requirement.

Customize the Primary Menu

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