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Getting Started with eStory FSE Theme

Getting Started with eStory FSE Theme

FSE (Full Site Editing) is a new concept of WordPress where you can edit your site using the Blocks. The main purpose behind the blocks is to make everything (Header to Footer) customizable.

Previously you could only edit/change the post/page content. It allowed you to add and customize the layout only for the post/page. However, with the FSE, you can change the layout of your entire website without writing a single line of code.

With FSE, there is no need to move to Customizer, Widgets, Menu…etc., to customize the website. A place named Edit Site will help you perform all the customization in a single place. The FSE lets you design the website using a simple drag and drop mechanism.

The best part about FSE is that it gives you more control over your website design. It offers custom blocks for styling your website’s header, content, sidebar, footer, and more.

Well, with that purpose, we have designed an FSE theme, eStory, that lets you customize the site using Blocks and Patterns. It is fully customizable via Gutenberg editor and has beautiful patterns primarily for blogs, news, magazines, and small business sites. Moreover, it’s suitable for blogging niches like travel, lifestyle, personal, agency, food, fashion, beauty, and more.

Getting Started with eStory FSE Theme

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