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Templates in eStory FSE Theme

Templates in eStory FSE Theme

The eStory FSE theme offers 10 Templates for your use. If you feel like changing anything on a certain template and wish to see those changes across your site, you can customize these templates.

Below is the list of available templates witin the eStory theme:

  1. Single Post: It allows displaying a single post on your site.
  2. Contact: It displays the contact information section of the site.
  3. Home: Displays as the site’s home page, or as the Posts page when a static home page isn’t set.
  4. Page: It displays a single page.
  5. 404: The template is displayed when no content is found on the requested page.
  6. Archive: The template is displayed for post categories, tags, and other archives.
  7. Index: It is used for displaying the posts.
  8. Home (No Sidebars): Displays home page in full-width layout without sidebar.
  9. Home (Sidebar Left): Displays the homepage with a sidebar on the left side of the site.
  10. Search: The templates display search results.
Templates in eStory FSE Theme

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