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Flash theme comes with various customizable color options. You can globally change the colors of various elements of your site like text, heading, etc.

There are the following types of Color Options:

Base Colors #

On the Base Colors section, there are three color options:

Scheme: It changes the skin color of your site. There are the following colors:

  • Default
  • Dark
  • Grey
  • Red
  • Yellow

Primary Color: You can change the color of the texts embedded with links. This option can be used only for the text added on posts/pages and not to the Custom Links on your menu.

Secondary Color: Change the text color of your site. It applies to the text of paragraphs, input, buttons, etc inside the content area

Heading Colors #

On the Heading Colors section, there are the following options:

Headings: Changes the color of HTML headings from H1 to H6

  • H1: Changes the color of HTML heading tag H1.
  • H2: Changes the color of HTML heading tag H2.
  • H3: Changes the color of HTML heading tag H3.
  • H4: Changes the color of HTML heading tag H4.
  • H5: Changes the color of HTML heading tag H5.
  • H6: Changes the color of HTML heading tag H6.

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