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Customize the Single Post of Site

Customize the Single Post of Site

Location: Appearance > Customize > Content > Single Post

With Flash theme, you can customize the Single Post of your site. It comes with the following options.

Featured Image #

This feature allows you to add/remove the Featured Image on a Single Post. It comes with the following options.

  • Enable: This option allows you to turn on/off the featured image on a Single Post.

Related Post #

  • Enable: Under Related Posts, Enable the option to display the related post that appears at the end of the single post.
  • Posts Related: Once you enable the above option, you will get 2 more options to display the related post based on Categories or Tags. Select one of your choices.
  • Number of Posts to Display: Choose the number of posts you want to display on the related post.

Author Bio #

Flash includes the following options to customize the author bio section of your site.

  • Disable: Under Author Bio, check the Disable checkbox to hide the author information in Single Post.
  • Social Profile: Check the checkbox to show icon links to Social profiles like Facebook, Twitter, etc.
  • Link to Author Page: Check the checkbox to display the link to the author page in the Author Bio section to show the Author Archive link that says See all posts by the author.

Post Navigation #

Flash theme shows the post navigation in a single post by default. Under Post Navigation, Check the Disable checkbox to remove the Post Navigation in Posts.

Customize the Single Post of Site

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