Customize Site Logo, Site Icon, Site Title and Tagline

Location: Appearance > Customize > Header > Site Identity

There are the following types of Site Identity Options available within the Flash theme:

Visibility #

This option provides you with whether to display the Site title and tagline or not on your site.

Site Logo #


Upload the Logo for your site.

Transparent Logo

This option enables you to upload the transparent header logo to your site when scrolling down the page content.

Retina Logo

The Retina Logo allows users to upload the Retina (High Definition) version of the logo. This option will ensure that the logo you upload won’t look blurred on high-definition screens.

Site Info #

Site Icon

Upload Site Icon for your site. It appears on the browser tab while browsing your site. 

Site Title

Change the Site Title text for your site.

Site Tagline

Change the Site Description text for your site.

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