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FT: Opening Hour Widget

FT: Opening Hour Widget

This widget is suitable for displaying the opening and closing hours of any organization. (Available in Flash Pro)

  • Add the FT: Opening Hour to the Pagebuilder area and fill the all necessary inputs such as day and time.
  • Default, one opening hour section is given. You can add a new opening hour section by clicking the add new opening hour button.
  • There is also an option to choose the opening hour styles, a checkbox option to show the border on the wrapper, and a two-color option.

The image for this widget is shown below, which will be displayed as below in the front-end:

The styling available in this widget are as follows:

  • Default

The layout for this style is shown above.

  • Modern

The associated image below is the output of this style when chosen this layout in this widget:


FT: Opening Hour Widget

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