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How to Install Flash Theme

How to Install Flash Theme

Installing the Flash theme is pretty easy. You can install the Flash theme on your WordPress site using two methods, i.e., WordPress Dashboard and Upload Method.

Let’s get into the detail of installing the Flash theme.

WordPress Dashboard #

It is one of the easiest ways of installing the Flash theme on your WordPress Dashboard. Please follow the steps as suggested below to install the Flash theme:

  • Navigate to your WordPress Dashboard > Appearance > Themes and click on Add New.
  • Search for the Flash theme from the search functionality on the WordPress dashboard.
  • Click on Install and Activate it.

Upload Method #

The upload method is suitable if you want to install the already downloaded Flash theme. You will need to upload the Flash theme from your local computer to the WordPress Dashboard in this method. Follow the steps below to install the Flash theme:

  • Navigate to the ThemeGrill Flash Page and scroll below to section Can’t decide to start with the premium version?
  • Click Download Free Version, which will automatically download the Flash theme Zip file on your computer.
  • After the download is completed, look for the flash.zip file on your computer. It will likely be in your Downloads folder. Remember the location once you find it and continue to the next step.
  • Go to Appearance > Themes and go to Add New. Now click on Upload Theme.
  • Click on browse and navigate to the downloaded zakra.zip file and click on Install Now.
  • Activate it.
How to Install Flash Theme

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