Additional Social Icons in our PRO themes

Most of our theme allows users to display social icons, either through WordPress Menu or from the Customizer. The themes like Spacious Pro and ColorMag Pro makes the use of Customizer for displaying the Social Icons in the site. It provides a list of about a dozen of the most popular Social Sites but some user’s requirement may not be fulfilled with those dozen Social Icons in the list.

So, in this article we will be discussing about the Additional Social Icons feature that will help you add any icons of your choice. For adding Additional Social Icons goto:

Appearance -> Customize -> Social Options(Links) -> Additional Social Icons
    Now you can see different fields that you need to fill up for displaying the icons.

  • Link: Add the link to your social site
  • Icons Class: A unique Font Awesome icon class name for displaying the icon.
    This must be exactly similar for displaying the correct icon. You can checkout the list of Font Awesome Icons here.

    If the icons class is fa-whatsapp then just add the text after dash () in this field which is whatsapp.

  • Color: Choose a preferred color for the Icon.
  • New Tab: Check this to open the link in new tab when the icon is clicked.

Now click on Save and then its done!!!

Below is the example of adding Whatsapp icon in the Spacious Pro.

Key Points

  • Since the themes uses Font Awesome library, the icons not supported by Font Awesome cannot be displayed whereas some icons may not be displayed due to version compatibility issues.
  • Some users enter the whole CSS class (fa-whatsapp or fa fa-whatsapp) due to which the icon is not displayed similarly sometimes extra unwanted spaced can be copied resulting into the same issue.
Additional Social Icons in our PRO themes