How to add Anchor Tag Widget to a Section in Elementor Pages

Menu items can be linked with sections in Elementor pages, when you click on the menu item or some button then it will redirect to certain sections. Below there are a few steps that help you to achieve this feature. 

Step 1: Select the Page in Elementor Editor

Select the Page in All Pages and click on Edit with Elementor. Your Page will open for customization in the Elementor Editor.

Step 2: Search for the Menu Anchor in the search box

On the left sidebar, you can search for a widget. Type anchor or menu anchor,  you will get your Menu Anchor widget.

Step 3: Add Anchor Link with Menu Anchor Widget

Now, drag and drop the Menu anchor widget in specific sections of your page where you want to add this widget. Here you need to write the name of the section in the widgets content area. If you write the name “portfolio” in its id field, now it will redirect to the Our Awesome Portfolio Section.

Step 4: You can select an anchor text, tab, or even choose an element from your WordPress menu to redirect the visitors.

Example: Here we have chosen the GET STARTED button for easy understanding. Click on Edit with Elementor and Edit Button (GET STARTED Button). Now type “#portfolio” in the link field and click on update.

Now while visiting your site, when someone clicks the “GET STARTED” button it will jump to the “Our Awesome Portfolio Section”.

How to add Anchor Tag Widget to a Section in Elementor Pages