How to convert a Normal website to an RTL website? 

RTL support means right-to-left language support, including Persian, Arabic, Hebrew, Urdu, etc. RTL support is required if you want to develop a site for the Right to Left language. 

Most of the ThemeGrill Themes come with an RTL support feature if you use a free or pro theme. To get this feature, you should check whether your theme supports RTL or not if you are using other themes. So, here’s a quick guide on how to enable RTL support on the WordPress website. 

Here we are using the ColorMag Pro theme to check the RTL feature, so you can check the RTL feature in various ways.

Method 1: Using RTL support Language through the Arabic Language 

For Example: Here we are using the Arabic Language. 

When you choose the Arabic language, WordPress automatically activates the “RTL” mode (layout and text direction change from “right” to “left” direction). If your theme is not RTL-ready, it can cause layout issues. 

Follow these given steps: 

  • After logging into your WordPress, you are redirected to your Dashboard, where you need to go to Settings > General > Site Language.
  • Select the Arabic language under the Site language section.
  • Click the “Save Changes” button, and now you can see an RTL enabled in both the Backend and Frontend.

Method 2: RTL support through a Third-party plugin 

Many plugins are available to check the RTL feature, so here we have used the RTL Tester plugin with the ColorMag theme on the WordPress website. 

Follow the steps given below, step by step: 

  • Installation and Activation of RTL Tester plugin:
    After logging into your WordPress, you are redirected to your Dashboard. Then add. Install and activate the RTL Tester plugin by following the path WordPress Dashboard> Plugins > Add New
  • After the plugin is activated, you will see a ‘Switch to RTL’ option in your WordPress Toolbar.
  • You can view the right-to-left switch in your Dashboard by selecting the ‘Switch to RTL’ option.
  • You should also notice that it shows right to left if you visit the frontend of your website.
How to convert a Normal website to an RTL website?