How to Create a Static Front Page?

Before we get started with the steps to set a Static Front Page for your WordPress website, let’s first talk about what is Static Front Page. A Static Front Page is a specific page that will be used as a Homepage for your website.

By default, WordPress places your Blog page as a Front Page. Any page can be set as a static front page, but remember to publish that page before you can set a static front page for your site. You will need two steps to set a static page as your homepage.

Step 1: Create the Page you want to use as the Static Front Page.

To create a page Goto WordPress Dashboard admin area, then:

  • Click on the Pages > Add New Page.
  • Add a page’s title and content, or you can keep it empty in the content area.
  • Now click on the Publish button to publish your page.
  • Now Create a Posts page, which should be an empty page. A title can be kept as per your requirement. Eg: Blog. This Blog Page will display blog posts on your website.

Step 2: Set a Static Page as a Front Page

  • After Creating Pages, Now go to Settings > Reading, then ‘Your homepage displays’.
  • Now, Choose the option “A static page”.
  • From the Homepage list, select the page you want to set as Static FrontPage.
  • And in the Posts page list, select the empty page you have created. Click on the  ‘Save Changes’ button.
How to Create a Static Front Page?