How to generate a Instagram Access Token

If you want to show your Instagram photos in your website then you must generate an Instagram Access Token of your profile. The Flash Pro theme powered by Flash Toolkit(a companion plugin) provides an inbuilt widget namely FT: Instagram Slider which can be used to display your Instagram photos.

    So please follow the steps mentioned below to generate a Instagram Access Token.

  • Visit this link and click on Generate Access Token button.
  • Now you may need to provide your Instagram login credentials,if you are not logged in and then click on Allow button to allow to generate the Access Token for you.
  • Done!!!! You can see the generated Access Token

After you have the Instagram Access Token, please goto:

Appearance -> Customize -> Flash Theme Options -> Advanced Settings

and then paste the Instagram Access Token and the Username in their respective field, now click on Save.

How to generate a Instagram Access Token