How to import Flash Demo

For importing a Flash demo there are some basic things you need to have installed and activated in your WordPress, which are listed below.

After you have downloaded, installed, and activated all the above-mentioned theme and plugins, you are now ready to import the demos.
Please follow the following steps to import the demo:

    1. Goto: Appearance->Demo Importer and in the welcome page you can see the required instructions for importing a demo.
    2. If you have not downloaded the demo contents, you can visit the link(this page) provided in the welcome page and then download one of the four available demo contents.
    3. Now click on Upload Demo button at the top of the page and then choose a demo content file(.zip) downloaded earlier and then hit Install Now.

      Now you will be able to see, the recently installed demo under the Available Demos tab.

    4. Click on Available Demos tab and then hit the Import Button.

Now after few minutes, Successfully Imported message will be displayed and then you can view your site.


How to import Flash Demo