How to make my query clear to the Support Team

Our support team always tries their best to help the users as quickly as possible but sometimes they are unable to do so, and one of the reason behind this is, they are not able to understand the issues clearly. The more clear you make your issue, the support team can handle it easily and get back to you quickly with a solution if possible.

The primary purpose of this article is to help the users make their queries clear enough so that the support team members can easily understand so as to speedup the support process which will in turn benefit the user. Now there are quite a few things that one should take into consideration for posting a clear query, which we will be discussing below.


We currently provide the support facility only in English language, so users are kindly requested to post their query in the very language.

Your Website’s URL

To solve a user’s query, the related site URL is necessary in most of the cases, even if the query is fairly clear. So, we request all of our users to provide the related site URL in their query if possible. Most users just provide us their homepage URL no matter where the issue is, so users are requested to mention the exact URL where the issue is visible. Similarly we request users to disable the maintenance mode, if enabled in their site.

A query can be marked as private if you want to hide it from the other users in the Support Forum.


A picture is worth a thousand words.

As the quote says, no matter how hard you try to explain your issue in words, a picture makes it the most clear.
Similarly it may not be always possible to mention your site URL, so in that case you can share a screenshot which depicts the issue clearly.

You can directly send us the images in the mail but the images cannot be uploaded in the Support Forum, so you can either add the images in your DropBox account and share the link or you can use various other image sharing websites like Imgur.

Specific Forum

We have separate forum sections for each of our products so, if you are posting your query in our support forum then please make sure that you are posting it in the correct forum section. If you post your query in a wrong forum section then this will confuse our support team members and hence delaying the support process.

Mostly the pro users post their queries in the free section, which will definitely confuse the support team members and in addition to that, its the pro user’s loss because the pro users are always high in the priority queue and are likely to get fast response than the free users.

How to make my query clear to the Support Team