I want to have full control over the Excerpt

What is an excerpt?

– Excerpt is a small portion of total content of posts or page.

Why do I need to have control over excerpt?

– Most of our theme have widgets that displays excerpt of the posts or pages.
So to control exactly what length of content should be displayed by the widgets.

Please follow the steps mentioned below to procced:

  1. From the WP dashboard edit the post/page that the widget is displaying.
  2. On the top right corner you can see a Screen Options dropdown.
  3. step-1

  4. Now you can see various checkboxes,one of them is Excerpt check against it.
  5. step-2

  6. Previous step makes appear an Excerpt Box at the bottom.
  7. You can paste the exact text that you want the widgets to display.
  8. step-3

How do I benefit??

  • You can control the exact length of page/post content to be displayed by the widgets which can be done in most of our pro themes but not in the free versions.
  • You can display text in the widget which is different from the actual content of the pages/posts.
  • You can add <br> tags to have a line break in this Excerpt box which when added in the content would have no effect.
I want to have full control over the Excerpt