Installing a WordPress Theme

Some people might think “Do we need a tutorial for installing the theme?? Thats too damn easy!!!”.
Well then this article is for the rest of us, so lets begin.

Initially goto: Appearance->Themes and then click on Add New button.
Note: You may not be able to see the Add New button if you have MultiSite activated in your WordPress

After you have done that there are two alternatives for installing a theme which are:

First Alternative: Installing theme from the WordPress repository

You can see a list of themes which are trending in the repository and choose one of them and click on Install or you can search for a theme in the repository from the search box.

Second Alternative: Uploading theme from your local drive.

After the purchase our theme you will be able to download a .zip file of the theme.

    • Upload that file by clicking on the Upload Theme and browsing to its location and hit Install Now.

Note: Some browsers like Safari automatically unzips the downloaded .zip file so you should compress the file back to the .zip format using various applications like WinRaR,7-Zip etc before uploading.

  • Now the WordPress will begin the theme installing process and all you need to do is Activate the theme after the completion of the process.

Walla!! Its all done, just visit the frontend and checkout your new theme.

Installing a WordPress Theme