How to Leave Reviews for Themes and Plugins on

WordPress offers thousands of free themes and plugins that help you create a website of your own. Behind these, there are designers, developers, and support teams contributing from their end by sharing the free themes and plugins.

Being a user of the WordPress themes and plugins, you can help the product contributors by leaving your experience while using the products. What happens is your review will boast, making the product’s version better in the upcoming days with each new update.

Steps to Follow for Leaving a Review on

(If you already have created the account in, skip the steps 1 and follow the steps 2. However, if you do not have an account in and follow step 1 which is a 2 min process to follow)

Step 1: Create a Account:

Before leaving a review directly, you must create a free account in the platform. Please follow the steps below for creating a free account on

  1. Go to and click on the Register option on the top-right side of the Screen.
  2. Fill the necessary information in the given Form with appropriate Username and Email-address.
  3. Once done your account is setup sucessfully.

Step 2: Leaving a Review for Theme and Plugin:

Once you are logged in to your account, follow the steps for leaving the review:

1. Navigate to your WordPress theme or plugin page. Here we are choosing the ColorMag theme for leaving the review.

[Note: In the article, we are taking the example of the ColorMag theme. However, if you are using other themes, you will need to visit the respective theme page.]

2. On the ColorMag theme page, click on the Add my review under the Ratings option, as shown below.

Add my Review Section on Theme

3. Now, you will be redirected to the ‘Create a new review’ section. Provide the review title of your review along with the star rating you would like to give for the theme. After that, you can write a detailed review.

Section for Writing Review
Section for Writing Review

4. Once done, you can click on the Submit button and leave your review for the theme. Likewise, by following the steps above, you can leave a review for the WordPress plugins too.

Note: Before you submit your review, make sure to follow the guideline as suggested by forums.

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How to Leave Reviews for Themes and Plugins on