Setting Up the FT: Google Map widget

Flash pro(Flash Toolkit activated) provides FT: Google Map widget for displaying the Google Map in your site. But before you can make use of the widget, there are quite a few things that needs to be configured, which we will be discussing in this article.

Generating a Google Map API key

For displaying a Google Map anywhere in your application, you must have an API key which can be considered as the authentication technique of the Google. You can follow this link to generate a Google Map API key and once you have the key, please goto:

Appearance -> Customize -> Flash Theme Options -> Advanced Settings

and then paste the key in the Google Map API field and then click Save.

Setting up the FT: Google Map widget

    Once you have added the widget in the page through PageBuilder or in the sidebars, you need to fill out the following fields.

  • Map Type:
    The type map to be displayed and the options are Map, Satellite, Hybrid, Terrain. You can select one as per you requirement.
  • Map Height (in px):
    Enter the required height of the map in pixels.
  • Latitude Cordinate:
    The latitude coordinate value of your location, it ranges from -90 to 90 degrees.
  • Longitude Coordinate:
    The longitude coordinate value of your location, it ranges from -180 to 180 degrees.
  • One simple way to find your latitude and longitude coordinates is to choose your location in Google Maps, right click on the desired location and then click on What’s here?. Now a card with your latitude and longitude coordinates(in decimal) will be displayed, just copy the coordinates and paste it in their respective location. The first item among the two is latitude and the other is longitude.

  • Enter some text here. When user clicks on marker, this text will be displayed:
    When the marker icon on the map is clicked, the entered text will be displayed.