Translate WordPress Themes and Plugins Using Polylang

The Translation ready ThemeGrill Themes can be translated using the third-party plugins available in the WordPress directory. We mainly use two main translation plugins i.e Loco Translate and Polylang.

In order to check how translation can be performed using Loco Translate, you can check the guideline Translate WordPress Themes and Plugins Using Loco Translate.

However, the Loco Translate Plugin only translates the hardcoded (source) text or strings of the theme. But the theme has other customer text added, such as Widgets, Post and Pages Title, Media, Categories, Tags, Navigation menus, and URLs. To translate these, you can use the PolyLang Plugin.

Below is a clear explanation of how you can translate the theme using the PolyLang Plugin.

Step 1: Install and Activate the PolyLang Plugin

For installing the plugin, you can follow the guideline on How to Install a WordPress Plugin (Step by Step Guide)

Step 2: Translate the WordPress Theme

Once the plugin is activated, click on the Languages menu on the WordPress dashboard, which displays a list of options. Click on Languages to add the languages on your site.

Now, add the languages that you will require to translate your site. Once done, click on Languages > String Translation to translate the category, post and page title, URLs, and many more.

Navigate to the selected string and add the translated text under the Translation options available.

Click on Save Changes after translating the text to save the settings, and the translations for the required settings should be set. You can check on the frontend to confirm the changes.

Translate Category Title
Translate WordPress Themes and Plugins Using Polylang