Translate WordPress Themes Using WPML

ThemeGrill Themes and Plugins are Translation-ready and compatible with the WPML plugin.

With WPML integration, you can effortlessly create multilingual websites, ensuring a seamless experience for visitors across different languages.

Getting started with WPML

Install the main WPML components:

  • WPML Multilingual CMS (the core plugin)
  • String Translation

Once both the plugins are installed and activated, begin with WPML setup from WordPress Dashboard > WPML > Setup

Note: You can choose as multiple language to translate according to your site requirement.

Now, the setup of WPML is completed.

WPML Localization

Before we begin translating the string, we need to scan the theme for strings. To scan the theme, go to WPML > Theme and plugin localization.

Here, we are scanning the Zakra theme for localization.

Once the scan is completed, we can proceed with String Translation.

String Translation

In order to translate the theme, navigate to WPML > String translation.

Here, choose the strings you want to translate and click on the ‘+'(plus) icon to insert the translated text.
Repeat this step to translate each string one by one.

Note: You can use the search bar to find specific string to translate.

Translate WordPress Themes Using WPML