Upgrade or Renew the License

With each higher license, you can get more. Do you want to get more site licenses or lifetime access that your plan currently lacks? Or, just renew the license.

If yes, we provide a flexible way of doing so paying only the difference amount upon upgrading the plan.

There are 2 ways of upgrading the license: from pricing page of ThemeGrill site and from your ThemeGrill account. These are explained below:

Upgrade License from ThemeGrill Site

  • Go to the ThemeGrill Pricing Page
  • Find the plan you want to renew or upgrade to.
  • Click the Buy Now button.
  • Click the link saying Renewing or upgrading a license (See screenshot below)
  • Enter your current license key from your ThemeGrill Account > Licenses (Refer here) and click Apply
  • Finally, proceed just like while purchasing the plan.

NOTE: It is the same as above for renewing the license. If want exact steps for renewing license, please refer this article.

ThemeGrill renewing or upgrading a license
Renewing or Upgrading a License from ThemeGrill Site

Upgrade License from Your ThemeGrill Account

  • Log in to your ThemeGrill Account
  • Go to `Licenses` and click on the product license from the list which you want to upgrade.
  • Then, you’ll see a dropdown saying Upgrade to..., click it. (See Screenshot below)
  • A list of licenses you can upgrade to will appear. Just select one of them.
  • A checkout box for renewal will appear. Proceed just like while purchasing the plan.
Upgrade License from ThemeGrill Account
Upgrade License from ThemeGrill Account
Upgrade or Renew the License