White Screen of Death

If you have been using WordPress for a fair amount of time then at some point of time, you may have encountered a completely blank screen on your site, this is commonly known as White Screen of Death(WSOD) which can be caused due to PHP or database errors. More often than not, this problem will restrict you from the WP admin panel.

In this article, we will be discussing about the WSOD caused due to PHP error,which also locks you out of the WP admin panel. Editing the PHP codes of the themes or plugins on your live site is always a risky job to accomplish but inevitable to some. That is why creation of backup before editing the code is recommended. However, despite being cautious, PHP error may be generated which results in WSOD, locking you out of the WP admin panel. Several users may panic as they see only a blank screen as they try to visit their site and the same is experienced when they try to login to the WP admin panel.

However disastrous this issue may seem, the solution is fairly simple. There are a couple of methods to address this issue which are mentioned below.

  1. Through cPanel: You can login to your cPanel and then in the File Manager you can revert the changes made in the file, if you are comfortable with it or you can delete the plugin or theme but please make sure you create a backup of the theme/plugin.
  2. Through FTP: You can edit the files in the server via FTP clients like FileZilla, you can revert the changes made if you can or simply delete the whole theme or plugin but save a copy in your local drive.

    Deletion of an active theme triggers the activation of a WP default theme like Twenty Seventeen,Twenty Sixteen etc.

If you have the same issue with any of the free products of ThemeGrill you can compare your code with the code in our GitHub repository and then make the amendments accordingly. And for the premium products you can download it from your Account Page, upload it or compare with your code and make the required adjustments.

White Screen of Death