Using Patterns from the Serv theme

In WordPress, Patterns refer to the combination of Blocks. Meanwhile, the Blocks are components used for creating and editing elements in a WordPress post or page. The combination of various blocks makes the patterns which, after inserting them on your site, allows you fully customize it with your content to make it unique.

Serv themes come with various pre-built patterns by default. You can choose the one that fits your site and customize it accordingly. Once you have installed and activated the Serv them, you will see a set-up pattern on your front end. You can either edit or remove it by replacing the other available patterns.

You can follow the steps below to add the new pattern to your Serve FSE Theme.

  1. Click on the plus (+) sign from the top left of your page editor.
  2. Select the Pattern option from the tab.
  3. Scroll down the available patterns and click on the one that fits on the site.
  4. Upon clicking, it will automatically add the selected patterns on the page.

Once done, the patterns become individual blocks that you can move, change and customize according to your site requirement.

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