Customize Site Logo, Site Icon, Site Title, and Tagline

Location: Appearance → Customize → Header → Site Identity

Site Identity in the WordPress theme refers to the settings that define the basic branding of the site, like the Site Logo, Icon, Title, and Tagline. Following is the brief overview of the Site Identity options available within the Spacious theme:

Visibility #

The Visibility option in the Spacious theme controls the Site Logo and Text display on your site. You can either enable/disable both of them or display only one.

Site Logo #

The Site Logo is the graphical representation that helps the website visitors to identify and recognize the brands or organization of the website. It comes with the following options for adding the logo to the site.


Upload the Site Logo for your site. The suggested Logo dimension is 100*100px.

Retina Logo

The Retina Logo allows users to upload the Retina (High Definition) version of the logo. This option will ensure that the logo you upload won’t look blurred on high-definition screens.

Site Icon #

The Site Icon is the small image or logo that appears on the browser tab while browsing your site. You can upload the Site Icon for your site.

Site Title #

The Site Title is the text that appears on the browser’s tab that helps users to understand what a website is about. You can add the appropriate Site Title on the option provided by the Spacious theme.

Site Tagline #

The Site Tagline is a short phrase or sentence that summarizes the website’s purpose. Add the appropriate Site Tagline according to the site requirement.

Colors #

The option lets you change the Header Color Text (Title and Tagline) on your site.

Typography #

The option lets you change the Typography for the Header Text (Title and Tagline). It allows you to change the Font Family and Font size of the Header Text.

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