Import Spacious Demo

Once the theme is installed and activated, you can import the demos. Demos are the pre-built pages with all the customization control. Importing the demo will add all the content on your end, where you can replace the demo content with your text and images.

The Spacious theme comes with 35+ demos, of which few are available with the free version, and others are available with the Pro and Pro Plus Spacious plan. As you can check on the Spacious demo page, the one having no labels is available with the free plan, the one with the PRO is available with the Spacious Pro Plan, and the label with the PRO PLUS label is available with the Spacious Pro Plus plan.

Import Free Demos #

After successfully installing and activating the Spacious theme on your site, you can import the demo. If you do not want to import the demo, you can skip the part and start building your site on your own. However, to import the demo, you can follow the steps below:

  • Click on the Get Started with Spacious button, which appears after activating the Spacious theme. It activates the ThemeGrill Demo Importer Plugin.
  • On the demo list page, select the appropriate demo that best suits your site.
  • Hover over the demo and click on Import to import the demo to your website.

Importing the demo will take a few minutes. Once the demo is imported successfully, you are ready to edit and design the site. You can follow the guideline for editing the imported demo.

Import Spacious Pro Demos #

As mentioned above, to import the Spacious Pro demos, you’ll; need to purchase the Spacious Pro and the above plan from here: Spacious Pricing. Once purchased, installed, and activated, you can follow the steps “Import Free Demos’ explained above.

Import Spacious Pro Plus Demos #

Importing the Spacious Pro Plus demos is somewhat similar as importing other demos. However, they require a special plugin to import. The plugin “Companion Addons for Elementor” lets you import the Spacious pro plus demos, such as Spacious Pro Counseling, Spacious Pro Health Information, etc., as listed on the Spacious demos page.

These demos require Companion addons for the Elementor plugin that is available with the Spacious Pro Plus and All Theme plan. Once the plugin is installed and activated on your end, you can follow the steps above to import the Pro Plus demos.

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