How to Change the Style of Post/ Page title?

To change the style of Post/Page title:

  • Go to Appearance -> Customize -> Content -> Page Header
  • Scroll to locate Header Title.

i. Background Color: Choose the required background color for the header title and click on publish.

 ii. Background Image: Click on the select image and choose the image you wish to set as the background image for the header title. Click on the publish button to save the changes.

iii. Background Image Position: Background Image position allows you to easily control the horizontal and vertical position of the image. Just choose the option and click on publish.

iv. Background Image Size: You can choose the background image size depending on your preferences, whether to show full image or complete area of the row. Just choose the option and click on publish.

v. Background Image Attachment : You can either select scroll or fixed, depending upon the preferences. Choose the option and click on publish.

vi. Background Image Repeat: You can select the option and click on publish.

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